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Wacom brings a fresh addition and has come with all new Cintiq range. This all new technology has taken the control, comfort and productivity to a whole new level by providing world class screen performance and ergonomic comfort. The all new Cintiq 24hd continues to be designed to meet with the high end demands of the professional designers, animators, illustrators, video editors and other creative individuals with its innovative pen-on screen experience. This one is following their footsteps and is an addition to the older http://downloadcheapsoftware.net/ variants of Cintiq named 21UX and 12WX. But this 24HD has been devised with much advanced features in which are capable of enriching workflow and makes it easy for the professional to perform efficiently. The Cintiq 24HD comes having an eye catching and innovative layout which places value on better control and comfort. Its all-new 24 inch high definition wide screen is an ideal one for all those working in media, entertainment and motion graphics. And its screen is serves the needs of todays TV, film, cartoons, and video games development sectors with perfection. It delivers a wide colour gamut that makes it quite appealing for the photographers and design professionals and easy to get precise and more realistic colours with the objective of color-critical work when they working with the Cintiq Pen. Not only this, it is also a great solution for those needing to calibrate colours as it is harmonious with color calibration devices.

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This all new Cintiq 24HD comes with Ergonomic comfort that’s essential for creative professionals and is provided with a versatile and highly adjustable stand which makes the user able to correct the incline and height of the Cintiq as a way to attain multiple positions that are working and reduce the exhaustion. There are handles and springs which make the screen flexible with simple and in quick time. If you desire more comfort you can put it easily and comfortably over above your lap making the position best for many kinds of work and can extend the screen surface. We can palace it or even can raise it somewhat above the desk to accommodate the keyboard. The Cintiq 24hd has a special pen which features a TIP detector technology. This attribute makes them feel the same if they may be working with the old conventional brushes and pens and allows the users to use virtually zero pressure. The pencil supplies real life like arty results if we combine it with pressure-sensitive software applications like Pixologic, Autodesk, Corel or Adobe. Pencil also features two and erase side switches for commands like right click and double click.

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There are accessories and other additional attributes like a broad bezel which gives a perfect resting space for the users arms and hands while working and provides Touch Rings and the customized Express Keys located on each side of the screens frame with easy access. These attributes helps the users in attaining improved workflow, additionally, it boosts the productivity with the help of short commends that are generally used at the fingertips. One can avail all the benefits by now with net becoming popular pace has been also got by the trend of online stores and purchasing the applications. We can now order everything online and can make sure about reliability and the quality also. With online stores like smartimages.com and many more the job has become easy. These stores have side assortment of products available and we can choose best one as per the requirements. They provide us with the finest quality, real applications and that too at great affordable prices and a guarantee of rapid and rapid service and delivery with only one single click.

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