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If you don’t know about impact windows, you should. While Florida often means fun in the sun, it’s also notorious for its violent hurricane seasons. Every year, properties sustain extensive damage due to insufficient protection. Wild winds and flying debris break windows all over the state, leaving massive water damage and ruined homes.

As the premier installer of impact windows in Palm Beach Gardens, we’re excited to spread the word about this fantastic solution for Florida home and business owners. Not only do impact windows stand up to the driving winds and rain, but they’re virtually shatter-proof – even when they’re struck by flying debris.

Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

Floridians have long relied on hurricane shutters to protect their homes from wind, rain and debris. Unfortunately, these bulky shutters are only minimally effective. Here’s why:

- Because hurricane shutters are installed on the outside of the house, wind can crawl up under the shutters and pop your windows right out of their casings.

- Hurricane shutters can be torn from the house, leaving your fragile windows exposed to wind and flying debris.

- Hurricane shutters have to be replaced every so often, making them a poor investment in the long run.

- Hurricane shutters are only slightly cheaper than impact windows.

Impact windows are simply a better investment when you consider the benefits. Once the windows are installed, they offer permanent, year-round protection – and better protection at that. They look much nicer and are more aesthetically pleasing than hurricane shutters, and they’ll add significant value to your home.

As the premier installer of impact windows in Palm Beach Gardens, folks often ask us if impact windows are truly worth the investment. We always have to answer with a resounding YES.

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