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Are you ready for hurricane season? You’re not fully prepared unless you’ve got a full set of hurricane impact windows on your home or business. While we enjoy plenty of warm, balmy days here in Florida, living here also means dealing with a yearly hurricane season. If you’ve been here long, you’ve likely seen the damage wrought by these violent tropical storms. Perhaps you’ve even experienced some of that damage first hand.

JHowen Doors is the premier installer of hurricane impact windows in Jupiter, Florida, and we’re excited about the results we’re seeing as homeowners and business owners install brand new impact windows. Rather than dealing with devastating damage, these homeowners are thrilled to see their homes standing up to driving winds with no trouble at all.

“But I’ve already got hurricane shutters…”

We hear this all the time, and if that was your first thought, you’re not alone. Florida folks have long approached hurricane season by putting up their hurricane shutters and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, these shutters rarely provide sufficient protection against the full fury of a hurricane.

Hurricane shutters provide some minimal protection against flying debris; however, wind can easily seep in behind the shutters and tear the windows right out of their frames. The shutters themselves can be ripped off if the wind is strong enough, and then your fragile glass windows are left completely unprotected. Of course, hurricane shutters also have a limited lifespan, so eventually you’ll need to replace them.

Impact windows, on the other hand, are permanent fixtures on your home. Once they’re installed, they provide a permanent, strong barrier against wind, rain and debris. They’re only marginally more expensive than hurricane shutters, yet their value lasts and lasts.

As the premier installer of hurricane impact windows in Jupiter, Florida, folks ask us if it’s worth replacing their hurricane shutters with impact windows. We think the answer is obvious.

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Had the chain jump off the track on our opener and called J Howen. Only charged me for the service call! :-)