Premier Installer of Impact Windows in Delray Beach, Florida

If you’ve been through more than one hurricane season, you’ve likely realized that hurricane shutters offer very minimal protection against the wild winds, driving rains and flying debris in a tropical storm. Fortunately, there’s a better solution than hurricane shutters and crossed fingers! Many Florida home and business owners are having impact windows installed and they’re finding that these windows hold up in even the craziest of storms.

Impact windows are specially designed to hold up under enormous pressure, making them ideal for a hurricane-prone climate like ours. We’ve found that this one simple investment is one of the smartest ones a Florida homeowner can make, and that’s why we’re proud to be the premier installer of impact windows in Delray Beach, Florida.

Are Impact Windows Worth the Investment?

This is one of the first questions folks ask us as the premier installer of impact windows in Delray Beach, Florida. The short answer is: absolutely! If you’re not sure, ask yourself a few questions:

- How well will your current windows stand up to hurricane-force winds?

- Will your current windows shatter if they’re hit by flying debris?

- If your windows shatter during a storm, how much will it cost to replace or repair your home’s flooring, furniture and fixtures?

In most cases, the costs of repairing storm damage far outweigh the potential investment in impact windows. Year after year, home and business owners are stuck with enormous repair bills due to water and storm damage, yet they continue to rely on inefficient, unreliable hurricane shutters.

The fact is, hurricanes will come year after year. You can hunker down and hope for the best, or you can plan ahead and secure the best protection possible. Impact windows are one of the best home improvements you can possibly make, and they’ll pay off in dividends as your home is protected through many hurricanes to come.

A Safe Home is the Best Investment

There are hundreds of improvements that can be made on your home, but if your home is unprotected from the elements, all of those little improvements can be lost in a single hurricane. Invest first in your home’s security by choosing JHowen Doors as your premier installer of impact windows in Delray Beach, Florida. Call us today at 561-856-5081 for more information and a free estimate on impact windows for your home or business.

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