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Hurricanes are part of life in Florida. Naturally, all sorts of “techniques” have sprung up to deal with the wild winds of hurricane season. Many home and business owners choose to install hurricane shutters, while others simply tape their windows. Unfortunately these methods range from largely ineffective to downright dangerous. If you truly want to protect your home or business, opt for hurricane windows. As a premier installer of hurricane windows in West Palm Beach, we’ve seen the benefits of these windows first hand – and the sad consequences of inadequate hurricane protection.

Stop Taping Your Windows!

Taped up windows are a common sight in Florida. You might be surprised to find that window taping is simply a myth. Officials from the National Hurricane Center have recently put out strong warnings against window taping, saying that the practice is not only ineffective, but it can actually be dangerous because it leads to a false sense of security.

Taping your windows can actually pose a greater danger as it creates larger, deadlier shards of glass if your windows shatter during a storm. The tape does nothing to keep the windows from shattering, and when the windows do shatter, the glass is held together in large, dangerous shards by strips of tape.

Forget Hurricane Shutters!

Many older homes are fitted with hurricane shutters, but even these are minimally effective. Shutters aren’t designed to withstand gale-force wind pressure. They provided a marginal solution before hurricane glass was developed; but today, hurricane shutters are best avoided. These too, provide a false sense of security without really protecting your home or business effectively.

So What’s the Solution?

Ultimately, if you really want to protect your home or business from hurricanes, opt for hurricane windows. JHowen Doors is a premier installer of hurricane windows in West Palm Beach, and we’re committed to keeping our community safe with the best hurricane protection possible. These windows will stand up to the strongest winds and even flying debris, so you can truly rest easy with a very real sense of security.

So call us today at 561-856-5081 and get the service you can count on from JHowen. As the premier installer of hurricane windows in West Palm Beach, we’ll provide the best service, the best prices and the best protection for you and yours.

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