Premier Installer of Hurricane Windows in Wellington, Florida

Hurricane season tends to cause a lot of stress for home and business owners across Florida. High winds and flying debris can wreak havoc on homes, and nearly every year, a hurricane leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Wellington, Florida, we’ve seen our fair share of hurricane damage; but we’ve got a solution! Hurricane windows are built of impact-resistant glass surrounded by a heavy duty frame. They’re built specifically to withstand the wild winds and flying debris, and their solid anchoring has been developed to keep hurricane winds from breaking through your home’s outer envelope.

The Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Shatter-resistant glass has long been in use in automobiles, but it is now making its way into homes across the country – particularly in hurricane-prone regions. The glass is laminated in such a way that a membrane will always hold firm even if the glass does shatter. This provides dependable protection for your home and will prevent winds and debris from entering your building’s envelope.

An added plus to hurricane windows is that they provide additional protection against would-be intruders. Since these windows are designed to withstand flying debris and high-speed winds, they present a nearly impenetrable barrier to blunt force. Even if a home intruder tries repeatedly to smash the window, they will generally be unable to break through.

A Smart Investment

Unfortunately, many home and business owners rely on outdated shutters – or worse, on duct tape! Shutters are largely ineffective at withstanding hurricane winds, and window taping is little more than a widely propagated myth. When debris starts flying, you want something that’s actually going to protect your home!

As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Wellington, we know that these windows are a significant investment. But when you consider that hurricane Irene caused $15.8 billion in damage, you’ll realize that the investment in hurricane windows is one of the smartest moves you could make.

If you’re interested in learning more about our hurricane windows, call JHowen Doors today at 561-856-5081. As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Wellington, we’re focused on providing outstanding value at affordable prices. Let us help you to keep your home and family safe – at a price that works for you!

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