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Most homes that were built before the mid-1990s don’t meet the current code requirements for windows and doors. All windows – including standard glass windows – are now expected to pass a wind load test. Hurricanes are part of life around here, and without adequate protection, your home is extremely vulnerable to damage. As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Royal Palm Beach, we’ve seen first-hand the damage done by hurricane winds, rain and debris.

What About Hurricane Shutters?

We get this question a lot. Many folks rely on shutters for hurricane protection, and they’re hesitant to switch if the shutters seem to be working. Unfortunately, shutters have proven to be largely unreliable when it comes to hurricane-force winds and flying debris. Shutters may last through one or two big storms, but sooner or later, they do fail.

The problem with shutters is that they’re highly vulnerable to wind pressure. Wind can creep up behind the shutters and simply rip them from the house. When that happens, your windows are left unprotected and your house is susceptible to major damage – or even total loss.

Why Choose Hurricane Windows?

So why choose hurricane windows to protect your home? As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Royal Palm Beach, we’ve seen how well these windows work. They’re built to withstand both massive wind pressure and the blunt force of flying debris. Their unique construction ensures that these windows will stay in place even if the glass itself shatters.

By installing hurricane windows, you have protection you can count on. You can rest easy, knowing that your house is always protected – even if you’re out of town when a storm hits! When you consider the cost of your home and the safety of your family, the investment in hurricane windows seems small in comparison.

Let us help you to keep your home and family safe. As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Royal Palm Beach, we’ll help you to find the best solutions – and the best prices – on the hurricane protection you need. Call us today at 561-856-5081 and talk to one of our specialists about the products and services we offer.

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