Premier Installer of Hurricane Windows in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Have you been relying on outdated methods of hurricane protection? As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Palm Beach Gardens, we see hundreds of homes without adequate hurricane protection – and many of these are damaged year after year as hurricane season hits. Some homes and businesses rely on outdated shutters for protection. Others rely on little more than duct tape!

Ditch the Duct Tape!

Officials from the National Hurricane Center are currently running campaigns to educate home and business owners about the dangers of window taping during hurricane season. You’ve likely seen duct tape on windows all over town as people prepare for a storm, but you might be surprised to find that the effectiveness of this method is little more than a myth.

Taping windows is not just ineffective, it’s actually dangerous. At best, it’s a waste of time and won’t do much to protect from high-speed winds and flying debris. At worst, it can actually cause serious harm because the tape results in larger and more hazardous shards of glass.

NHC officials are working hard to dispel the duct tape myth – and so are we! As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Palm Beach Gardens, we want each home and business to be as safe and secure as possible when hurricanes hit.

How to Protect Your Home

So what’s the solution? Hurricane windows provide the greatest protection for your home. These windows are constructed from shatter-proof glass that will hold up against the strongest winds – and even against blunt force! Because the windows are built with a special membrane, they’ll hold firm even if the glass itself shatters. Hurricane windows are much harder to breach, which provides far more reliable protection for your home’s envelope.

As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Palm Beach Gardens, we’re focused on keeping you and your family safe. Hurricane windows will protect you when it matters most. Call us today at 561-856-5081 and talk to one of our specialists about your home and needs.

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