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When a hurricane hits, will your home stay safe? If you’ve been relying on outdated methods like shutters and duct tape, you’re putting your home and family at serious risk! As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Jupiter, Florida, we see home after home go unprotected into hurricane season. Unfortunately, many of these homes sustain serious and costly damage when big storms hit.

How to Avoid Outdated Methods

Have you seen windows on homes and businesses crisscrossed with duct tape before a storm? This is a hugely prevalent technique for “protecting” windows, but according to the National Hurricane Center, it’s little better than a myth.

Window taping and hurricane shutters are largely ineffective when big storms hit. At best, they’re a waste of time and lead to a false sense of security. At worst, they can actually cause more damage when the home’s envelope is breached. Taped windows can turn into large shards of flying glass if the window breaks, and shutters are quickly turned into flying projectiles as they’re ripped from the house’s exterior.

The officials from the National Hurricane Center are campaigning hard to prevent window taping – and so are we. As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Jupiter, we’re focused on keeping the homes and businesses in our community as safe and secure as possible. We’re doing that by promoting and providing hurricane windows!

Invest in Protection!

Hurricane windows are developed specifically for high winds and flying debris. They’re modeled after the impact glass used in automobiles, and they’re very hard to penetrate – even if the glass itself shatters! They are extremely durable, and they’ll hold up to everything from high winds to home intruders. When the winds and rain are heading your way, you’ll want some protection that you can rely on – and hurricane windows provide that protection like nothing else can.

If you’re interested in hurricane windows for your home or business, who better to ask than JHowen Doors – the premier installer of hurricane windows in Jupiter! Call us today at 561-856-5081, and talk to one of our hurricane window specialists for advice, answers and free estimates!

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