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Hurricane seasons comes and goes each year, and it often leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. Home owners have come up with all kinds of ways to “protect” their homes. Some techniques work, others are simply ineffective, while others are downright dangerous. As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Delray Beach, we’ve seen two approaches that provide a false sense of security without offering much protection: window taping and hurricane shutters.

Why You Shouldn’t Tape Your Windows

Window taping is a pretty common practice. As a hurricane approaches, you’ll start seeing tape on windows in homes, restaurants, offices and even high-rise buildings. While this technique is popular, it’s based on a myth and it really doesn’t work. In fact, officials from the National Hurricane Center have now issued warnings against window taping, stating that the practice is actually extremely hazardous.

Window taping is a bad idea for two reasons:

1. It provides a false sense of security. You feel like you’re protecting your home, but in reality, it provides zero security against powerful hurricane winds.

2. It’s actually more dangerous than doing nothing! The tape on the windows actually poses a greater danger because it holds the glass together when it shatters. This causes larger and more deadly shards of glass that can cause serious injury.

Why You Should Avoid Shutters

So why not just use shutters? These too provide a false sense of security. Your home feels safe since it’s all closed up, but shutters aren’t made to withstand powerful hurricane winds. In most cases, shutters are simply ripped from the casings, leaving the delicate glass windows exposed to wind and debris.

Your Best Option: Hurricane Windows

So what’s the solution? As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Delray Beach, we’ve found that the only way to really secure your property is with sturdy hurricane windows. These windows have been developed specifically to stand up to strong winds and flying debris, and they’re the only way to truly protect your home during a storm.

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