Premier Installer of Hurricane Windows in Boynton Beach, Florida

As hurricane season approaches each year, home and business owners stress over the potential damage these storms bring – and for good reason! Every year, hurricanes wreak havoc on properties throughout Florida and leave damage that costs millions to repair.

JHowen Doors is a premier installer of hurricane windows in Boynton Beach, and we’ve seen first-hand the damage that hurricane season brings. But guess what? You can approach our next hurricane with total confidence by installing hurricane windows and doors on your home or business. These windows are developed specifically to deal with hurricane winds and flying debris, so you can count on them to protect your home and keep what’s outside from getting in.

Why Install Hurricane Windows?

This is a question we get on a regular basis. Folks ask, “Why invest in hurricane windows when you can just use shutters or duct tape?” While these are common approaches to hurricane protection, neither is reliable, and they provide little more than a false sense of security. Shutters aren’t built to withstand the wind and debris that comes with a tropical storm. Duct tape does even less to protect your windows, and it can actually pose a more serious hazard if a window does shatter.

Hurricane windows are built from shatter resistant glass – something that has been used in the automotive industry for years. This glass is specially developed to stay in one piece even if it does shatter. The glass is laminated so that a solid membrane is always in place, providing a dependable barrier for your building’s envelope.

As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Boynton Beach, we’ve found that a nice bonus to these windows is the added protection against would-be intruders. Since the windows are built to withstand debris flying at high speeds, it provides exceptional protection against anyone who tries to smash their way through.

Hurricane windows are an investment, but they’re one of the smartest ones you can make. When the winds pick up and debris starts flying, you’ll be glad for the protection that these windows provide. If you’d like to learn more, do give us a call at 561-856-5081. You can always count on JHowen to be the premier installer of hurricane windows in Boynton Beach!

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