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If you live in a home that was built before 1998, chances are your windows and doors don’t meet modern code requirements. Building codes have changed in recent years, and all windows are now required to pass a wind load test – and that includes standard glass windows. This is largely due to the massive damage that is caused each year by hurricanes. You may have shutters on your home, but as the premier installer of hurricane windows in Boca Raton, we’ve seen that shutters do very little to protect your home’s envelope during a storm.

Why Shutters Don’t Work

Shutters have long been the item of choice for hurricane protection, but no longer. You may not know it, but during a hurricane, shutters really aren’t strong enough to withstand the enormous wind pressure that buffets your house. Sooner or later, shutters will be ripped from their frames, leaving your glass windows vulnerable to flying debris and high-speed winds.

If a window breaks during a hurricane, you’re looking at much more than a simple broken pane. Your windows and doors actually play a vital role in protecting your home’s structural envelope. When high speed winds break through that barrier, they cause a huge difference in air pressure which often causes the roof or walls to give out.

Why Hurricane Windows DO Work

Impact windows are strong enough on their own to withstand enormous wind loads and even blunt impact. Because the panes are constructed with a special laminate, they are extremely difficult to break through – even if the glass itself shatters. This provides a secure membrane that won’t fail during a wild storm.

As the premier installer of hurricane windows in Boca Raton, we’re seeing more and more homeowners make the switch to these impact resistant windows. It’s truly a small investment when you consider your home’s value and your own peace of mind during a storm.

We’re committed to providing the very best options as your premier installer of hurricane windows in Boca Raton, and we’ll help you to find the most affordable, practical way to protect your home and family from hurricanes. Call us today at 561-856-5081, and let us know how we can be of service!

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