Impact Window Replacement in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Here’s a fact: old windows can actually cost you money. Many old windows are made of a single, uncoated pane of glass. If you have old windows like this in your home, you might not realize just how much they’re costing you! Here are just a few of the reasons why it makes fiscal sense to change out your old windows for impact window replacement in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

You’ll Save on Energy Bills

Old windows aren’t properly sealed or insulated, so a lot of your conditioned air seeps out and is lost. That means that your AC unit has to work harder, and that means your energy bills are higher. Of course, the uncoated panes also let in a lot of light which heats up your home more – leading to even higher bills. By opting for impact window replacement in Palm Beach Gardens, you’ll keep your energy bills low and your home comfortable.

You’ll Keep Your Home Safer

Impact windows are tough. They’re made specifically to withstand hurricane winds and flying debris, so by choosing impact windows, your home will be safer all year round. A nice bonus to this is that your home will be better protected from would-be intruders. Impact windows won’t shatter like normal glass, so even if the pane is repeatedly hit, it won’t break through.

This not only translates into preventative savings, but you’ll also see the savings reflected on your insurance premiums. Your insurance provider puts a high value on the protection that impact windows provide, and many will reward the investment with lower premiums.

Call for Great Savings!

So make the smart move and choose impact window replacement in Palm Beach Gardens. Your home will thank you, your family will thank you, and your wallet will thank you. Give us a call at 561-856-5081and talk to one of our window specialists about our various offers on impact windows.

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