Impact Window Replacement in Delray Beach, Florida

As a smart homeowner, you’ve probably done some research into the benefits of impact window replacement in Delray Beach. Hurricanes are a part of life around here, so any hurricane proofing is a really good move. If you’re not totally sold on the advantages of impact windows, here are just a few of our top reasons why impact windows are worth the investment:

Year-Round Protection

Travel with total peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected 24/7/365 by durable impact windows. By choosing impact window replacement in Delray Beach, you’re guaranteeing that your home is always safe from wild weather.

Our impact windows are also a great burglar deterrent since they’re built to withstand blunt force. Would-be intruders will have to look for another mark because your home will be practically impenetrable.

Storm Safety

If you’re stuck in your house during a storm, you’ll be glad to have impact windows in place. For starters, you won’t be trapped in a dark, shuttered home. Impact windows negate the need for shutters, so you’ll have plenty of light as you wait out the storm. Secondly, you’ll be much safer if a window does break. Because the glass is built with an interlayer, you won’t have dangerous shards lying about. Any broken glass will remain in one piece.

Outstanding Sound Reduction

If you’ve got noisy neighbors or you live in a busy area, impact windows are a great way to keep unwanted noise outside. By swapping out your traditional windows for impact windows, you’ll be able to sleep better at night and relax in peace during the day – without having to hear the clamor of traffic, the noise of late parties, or your neighbor’s loud lawnmower.


Finally, JHowen Doors is focused on providing exceptional value at affordable prices. Give us a call at 561-856-5081, and talk to one of our experienced specialists about your home, your concerns, and your unique needs. We’ll walk you through your options for impact window replacement in Delray Beach, and help you to find the very best solutions for your needs and budget.

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