Garage Door Track Repair in Wellington, Florida

Garage Door Track Repair in Wellington, Florida

Garage door tracks provide the path that your garage door travels in as it rolls up and down. When a track becomes bent, dented, misaligned, or even just clogged, it can prevent your door from opening or closing as it should. Obviously, it’s quite important to keep garage door tracks properly aligned and in good condition, so if your garage door isn’t operating as it should, call right away for garage door track repair in Wellington.

How are garage door tracks damaged?

Occasionally, tracks will bend or sustain damage. In other cases, garage doors may come off their tracks. Here are some of the most common reasons for damaged or misaligned tracks:

  • Metal fatigue. As with anything else, garage door tracks have a limited life span, so eventually they will begin to wear down.
  • Rust
  • Other faulty garage door parts, such as broken cables, faulty/displaced rollers, or broken drum connections.
  • Shifting foundation. As a house slowly shifts, tracks are often bent in the process.
  • Accidents. In many cases, a simple accident (i.e. a vehicle slamming into the door) is what causes damage to the garage door tracks.

When to call for garage door track repair in Wellington

Many folks think that a bent track can just be knocked back in line with a few blows from a hammer. We certainly don’t recommend this, as the force of the blows combined with the misaligned track will just cause further damage to the whole system. When your garage door tracks are damaged or misaligned, it’s always best to call for professional repair.

This is especially true if your garage door has become stuck or has come off its tracks. You should never attempt to fix this sort of problem on your own as the full weight of the door could suddenly fall, causing serious injury or death.

When you’re dealing with garage door track problems, it’s always safest and wisest to call for professional garage door track repair in Wellington. Our professionals can get the repairs done quickly and efficiently, while maintaining your complete safety and security.

For garage door track repair in Wellington, FL that’s safe, efficient and affordable every time, give JHowen Doors a call at 561-856-5081.

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