Garage Door Track Repair in Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Your garage door tracks are the long runners that provide a path for your garage door as it opens and closes. If a track gets damaged or misaligned, it can hinder smooth movement or even prevent your garage door from opening or closing at all.

Sometimes a problem with garage door runners is caused by simple wear and tear. At other times, damage is caused by an accident or external factor like the shifting of a house on its foundation. Whatever causes the problem, it’s important to have it remedied immediately by calling for garage door track repair in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.

How are tracks damaged?

There are a variety of factors that we’ll look at when we’re called in for a track repair. Sometimes, we’re called in because of an accident (such as a vehicle crashing into the garage door) that has bent key parts of the system. Other times, the problem is less obvious (i.e. the foundation of your house slowly settling). If you’re not sure what’s causing the malfunction, give us a call and we’ll help you pinpoint what’s wrong.

Why not DIY?

A lot of people will initially attempt to fix a misaligned track on their own. They figure a few quick whacks with a heavy hammer should do the trick. Unfortunately, this typically just makes the problem worse – often resulting in serious damage to the entire garage door system.

A garage door is also extremely heavy, and it can pose a very real safety hazard if you attempt repairs without the proper tools, training and team. This especially applies if your garage door has come off of its tracks or if is completely stuck. Attempting to fix a problem like this could cause the heavy door to fall, resulting in serious injury to yourself and serious damage to your car or property.

For these reasons, we always recommend calling in for professional garage door track repair in Royal Palm Beach. When you call in a pro, you can trust that the job will be done safely, efficiently, and properly.

For garage door service in Royal Palm Beach, FL that’s safe, efficient and affordable every time, give JHowen a call at 561-856-5081. Tell us what’s going on and how we can be of assistance and we’ll be there promptly to tackle the job.