Garage Door Track Repair in Delray Beach, Florida

If your garage door tracks have become damaged somehow, you may have trouble opening or closing your garage. The tracks provide a smooth path for the door to roll up and down, so when one or more of the tracks are faulty, the door might begin to stick, make a lot of noise, or refuse to move at all. In some cases, it might even jump its tracks.

If you suspect a problem with your garage door tracks, it’s best to call for professional garage door track repair in Delray Beach, Florida. There are specific problems that occur with garage door tracks, and these should almost always be handled by a professional with the right tools.

Obstructions in the Tracks

Since a garage can be a dusty, dirty place, garage door tracks are prone to obstructions. Over time, they can become clogged with junk and dirt, and this can cause the door to stick – or even to jump its tracks.

You can prevent serious repairs by keeping the tracks clean and clear; however, if the door does come off its tracks, it’s important to call for garage door track repair in Delray Beach. The door is very heavy, and attempting the repair on your own can be extremely dangerous!

Misalignments in the Tracks

Since the tracks are assembled from multiple sections, these pieces can shift over time and become misaligned. When the tracks become misaligned, you’ll probably notice your door sticking and making a lot more noises as it rolls up and down.

It’s very important to keep your tracks properly aligned, as this will maintain the safety and integrity of the rest of your garage door system. If your door is making a lot of noise or is getting stuck as it opens or closes, make sure to call for help.

Bent or Dented Tracks

This is the most obvious kind of damage, as it’s usually caused by something hitting the garage door. If a car bumps into the garage or someone falls against the door, it can bend the tracks and prevent the door from opening or closing. When this happens, call for professional help to get the damaged sections replaced.

So if your garage door track is bent or you notice signs of wear, give us a call at 561-856-5081. We’ll be at your door within 1-2 hours and get your door back up and running again.


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