Garage Door Spring Repair in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Your garage door springs are responsible for most of the heavy lifting in your garage. They’re the muscle that supports the opener. If your garage door didn’t have springs, you’d have a very hard time lifting it on your own. When those “muscles” go out, you’ll notice it almost immediately. When your door suddenly won’t open or close the way it normally does, it’s very likely because a spring has broken.

How to Diagnose a Broken Spring

Garage door springs almost always break when the door is closed. The springs coil and uncoil as the door opens and closes, and when the door is closed, the springs are at their highest tension point. In many cases, people aren’t around when a spring goes out, so they’re left wondering why their door suddenly refuses to move. If you’re stuck with a broken door and can’t figure out why, here are a few key tips on diagnosing the problem:

  • If you haven’t replaced your springs for five years or more, it’s very likely that one or both have broken.
  • Try to remember if you’ve heard a loud bang coming from your garage in the past couple of days. You may have ignored the noise, but it was very likely the sound of a spring breaking.
  • Try to open the door. Does it open all the way? Or does it only come up a short way? If it won’t open fully, it’s possible that a spring is broken.
  • Last, carefully examine each spring. If one is broken, you’ll clearly see the breaking point where the two halves are separated.

Who to Call for Broken Springs

If you’ve suddenly discovered a broken spring, chances are, you were on your way out the door. Springs tend to break when you least expect it, and you’ve likely found yourself unable to get your car out of the garage.

When you’re dealing with a spring emergency, don’t fret. Call us at any time for immediate emergency garage door spring repair in Palm Beach Gardens. Let us handle all of your garage door needs and you can rest easy, knowing that your garage door is in good hands.

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