Garage Door Roller Repair in Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Do you know which part of your garage door gets the most wear and tear? Would you be surprised if we told you it was the rollers? Those little, inconspicuous bits bear the brunt of the garage door’s weight as it rolls up and down. Surprisingly, the rollers also tend to be the most neglected part of the system – at least until they break down or bind up.

As a homeowner, you should be aware that your garage door rollers need regular maintenance, and that they should be replaced every five to seven years (depending on the quality of your rollers). While taking care of your rollers might take a little work on your end, that care will prevent serious problems from cropping up unexpectedly.

How to Take Care of Your Rollers

While any major repair or replacement should always by professional garage door roller repair in Royal Palm Beach, there’s plenty that you can do to keep your door running smoothly. Think of your rollers as the tires on your car: you’ll go to a professional to have them fixed or replaced, but you’ll regularly maintain them on your own to keep the car running smoothly. By providing the same degree of maintenance for your rollers, they’ll serve you well by running quietly and smoothly.

Remember that your garage door rollers bear the full 500+ pounds of your garage door’s weight. That means that they need to be regularly lubricated with a high-quality garage door lubricant. It’s best to avoid the all-purpose lubricants, as these tend to dry out the rollers. Instead, ask us to recommend a product that’s safe for your rollers.

When to Call for Repair

As we’ve said though, you should never attempt to replace or repair rollers on your own. Since the rollers are bearing a great deal of weight, it can be very dangerous to try to DIY. If a roller breaks or is worn out, call for garage door roller repair in Royal Palm Beach. We’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently – and keep you safe in the process.

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