Garage Door Roller Repair in Jupiter, Florida

Garage door rollers are some of the most essential elements in the garage door mechanism. They support the weight of the door as it opens and closes and enable smooth movement along the garage door tracks. Unfortunately, these little wheels often go unnoticed and untended until something goes really wrong. When your rollers bind up or your garage door comes off of its tracks, you’ll need to call in immediately for garage door roller repair in Jupiter.

We specialize in efficient, affordable and professional garage door roller repair. When your rollers give out – or when they simply need to be replaced or upgraded – give us a call! Keeping your rollers in good working condition is one of the very best things you can do to keep your garage door operating at peak performance.

Why Call for Roller Repair?

Remember that rollers are like your door’s tires. Let them wear out or bind up and your garage door won’t be going anywhere. If one or more of your door’s rollers have gone bad, you may be tempted to save a little money by putting off repairs. Just remember that when one part of your door begins to break down, others parts will soon follow if repairs are not made promptly.

While some handy folks will attempt DIY repair jobs when rollers go bad, we generally recommend calling for professional garage door roller repair in Jupiter. In order to replace old or busted rollers, you’ll need to fully lower the door and release the tension in the springs and cables. This can be a dangerous and tricky job, so it’s generally prudent to leave it to professionals

Why Upgrade Old Rollers

Most modern garage doors are installed with nylon bearing rollers. These are the best option on the market today, as they are long-lasting, smooth-running, and extremely quiet. If you have an older door though, it may be running on metal or even plastic rollers. Plastic rollers tend to wear out quickly, and while metal rollers are durable, they’re extremely loud. While your rollers may not need to be replaced immediately, they should be upgraded every 5-7 years – and at that time, it’s best to opt for nylon.

For garage door service in Jupiter, Florida that’s safe, efficient and affordable every time, give JHowen a call at 561-856-5081. Tell us what’s going on and how we can be of assistance and we’ll be there promptly to tackle the job.

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Had the chain jump off the track on our opener and called J Howen. Only charged me for the service call! :-)