Garage Door Replacement in Lantana, Florida

Your garage door is an essential part of your home; however, most garage doors are “out of sight, out of mind” until something breaks down. Many folks don’t realize that garage doors need maintenance and care just like any other appliance. If your garage door is looking funky or if it isn’t working anymore, it may be time for garage door replacement. Our team at JHowen Doors specializes in superior workmanship and outstanding prices, so call us for your garage door replacement in Lantana, Florida and we’ll be right over.

A New Garage Door = A Good Impression

Did you know that your garage door might take up a good 30-50% of your home’s curb appeal? Because a garage door is a largely functional appliance, many homeowners don’t put a lot of thought into how the door looks. If your door has started warping, or if it has been dented or damaged due to weather, time or accidents, call our specialists at JHowen Doors and we’ll walk you through your options for garage door replacement in Lantana. Your home deserves a beautiful door, so why not invest in something that makes a good impression?

A New Garage Door = Greater Convenience

Chances are, you go in and out of your garage door multiple times each day. If you’re manually lifting that heavy door each time, you’re doing yourself a major disservice! Think of all the time you spend getting in and out of your car to raise and lower the door! By installing a new garage door and opener, you simplify your life enormously and make each trip just a little more convenient.

A New Garage Door = A Safer Home

Did you know that burglars tend to target homes with old garage doors? An old door with aging parts is an easy target for home invaders. By installing a new garage door, you can keep your home and family safe from any unwanted guests (human or animal!).

Need a New Garage Door? Call JHowen!

Give your home a facelift, make your life a little easier and keep your home a lot safer with garage door replacement in Lantana, Florida. We’re the garage door specialists, and we’ll help you to find the perfect solution for your unique needs. Call us today at 561-856-5081!

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Had the chain jump off the track on our opener and called J Howen. Only charged me for the service call! :-)