Garage Door Repair in Lake Worth, Florida

Garage Door Repair in Lake Worth, FloridaSome homeowners invest in fancy, customized garage doors. Others stick with basic no-nonsense models. Either way, that garage door on your home or business required a significant investment. Oddly enough, the garage door tends to be one of the most neglected appliances in the home!

Many folks don’t even consider garage door maintenance unless something goes seriously wrong. That’s unfortunate, because that major investment in a good door is very quickly wasted. Rather than letting your garage door investment go to waste, keep it in good shape with a little home maintenance and regular garage door repair in Lake Worth, Florida.

Do What You Can Do

While any major problems should be handled exclusively by professional garage door repair in Lake Worth, Florida, we always encourage homeowners to take care of basic care and maintenance as well. Taking care of your garage door doesn’t take much work, but that little bit of TLC can prevent major hassles and expenses down the line. So what can you do?

- A visual check: Look at each part and watch for dents or signs of wear.
- A good cleaning: Every few months, take a shopvac to your door. Clear the tracks, rollers and frame of junk and dirt.
- Lubricate: Pick up a garage door lubricant, and give all the moving parts a good spraying.
- Tighten and tweak: As you move along, check all the bolts and fasteners and make sure that none are loose, missing or stripped.

We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Good maintenance will prevent a lot of problems, but eventually some parts will wear out and need repair or replacement. Fortunately, your regular inspection and care will alert you right away when something is looking worn out. If you see that a part of your door is in need of professional attention, call in JHowen Doors at 561-856-5081, and we’ll be right over to provide professional garage door repair in Lake Worth, Florida.

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Had the chain jump off the track on our opener and called J Howen. Only charged me for the service call! :-)