Garage Door Opener Repair in West Palm Beach, Florida

An automatic garage door opener is a real convenience in any home or business, but when that little machine suddenly malfunctions, it can be a real hassle. Your garage door may weigh several hundred pounds, and if your garage door opener isn’t working, it may be nearly impossible to open or close the door.

At J Howen Doors, we provide quick and professional garage door opener repair in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Our technicians have extensive experience installing and repairing all major brands of openers, so if you’re stuck with a broken opener, give us a call! We know how frustrating and inconvenient a broken opener can be, so we provide 24-hour emergency service when you need it.

Why Openers Malfunction

A garage door opener may malfunction for a number of reasons. Normal wear and tear takes its toll on the machine, and extremely hot or cold weather can cause sudden breakdowns. As with any machine, parts of the opener begin to wear out over time and must be replaced. Some common problems include:

  • Broken or misaligned drive belts
  • Rusted, jammed or sticky parts
  • Electrical failure
  • Battery failure

If your garage door opener has suddenly failed, you may be dealing with one of the above problems. Fortunately, these problems are easily remedied. With our 24-hour emergency repair service, our technicians can have your garage door opener back up and running again in no time. We know how valuable your time is, and we’re committed to providing fast, professional service when you need it.

Call for Opener Repair

So don’t let that broken garage door opener get you down. While your opener has ground to a halt, it doesn’t have to slow the rest of your day down. Just give us a call at 561-856-5081, and we’ll be right out for fast, efficient garage door opener repair in West Palm Beach.