Garage Door Installations in Stuart, Florida

As a home owner, safety and security are some of your primary concerns. Many home owners install expensive security systems to prevent break-ins; however, garage doors tend to be a major weak point when it comes to home security. If you have an old garage door with an older model opener, you may be a prime target for home burglary.

Old garage door remote controls use a static code to communicate with the opener. In some cases, one remote is able to open many different garage doors. Thus, it’s not unheard of for thieves to capitalize on this flaw by targeting homes with outdated garage doors and openers.

Opt for Security

Many modern garage doors are built with technically advanced coding systems that are nearly impossible to crack. It’s highly unlikely that a thief could generate the unique code to open the door, so this provides an infinitely greater degree of home security.

Opt for Safety

Many new garage doors also come equipped with photoelectric sensors. These sensors can detect when something passes beneath the door while it’s closing. When something passes the sensor, the door will automatically reverse direction and remain open. This feature has prevented numerous injuries to home owners and their kids and pets.

Safety and Security = Added Insurance Benefits

While you truly can’t put a price on your family’s safety and security, a nice plus to the added security is the potential insurance benefits. If you inform your insurer that you have increased your home’s security through new garage door installations in Stuart, you may be able to get some benefits back (i.e. a reduced insurance rate).

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