Garage Door Installations in Lantana, Florida

There are numerous reasons why a homeowner might choose to replace an old garage door. Some choose to do so for greater curb appeal, while others do so for greater home security; however, one big reason people opt for new garage door installations in Lantana, Florida, is for greater energy efficiency.

You may have a super-efficient HVAC system, but if all that conditioned air is escaping due to poor insulation, your energy efficiency isn’t worth much at all. When your home is not energy efficient, you’ll begin to pay the price on ever-higher energy bills.

New Garage Door = Energy Efficiency

In aiming for greater energy efficiency, homeowners will usually put in new entry doors, new windows and better insulation in the attic. One major energy leak is often neglected though: the garage door. If your garage door isn’t properly sealed and insulated, you may be losing hundreds of dollars each year on wasted energy.

Depending on how much you use your garage, this could have a significant impact on your overall heating/cooling bills. The door between your home and garage does prevent some energy from escaping, but all that outside air in your unsealed garage will definitely affect the air quality in your home.

Some folks opt to simply install new weather stripping on an existing door. This may work to a degree, but it’s hardly an ideal solution. A new garage door will provide a tight seal all the way around the edges, and this will prevent the outside air from getting in.

Know Your “R Values”

In picking a new garage door for energy efficiency, look for the door’s “R-value”. The higher the R-value, the more thermal-efficiency the door will provide. You’ll see this reflected in other parts of your home as well. Your ceilings, for example, will typically have an R-value of R-32. Garage doors generally range from R-4 to R-17.

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